Motorcycles are smaller and more difficult for drivers to see on the roads here in Albuquerque and all over New Mexico.  That fact, combined with an increase in distracted driving (stemming primarily from a rise in smart phone use while driving), can make things very dangerous for New Mexico motorcyclists.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study and found that when cars and motorcycles collide, it is most often the other (non-motorcycle) driver who failed to give the right of way

The consequences for anyone not paying attention on the road can be deadly for motorcycle riders.  80% of motorcycle wrecks involve injury, which is unsurprising given the lack of protection.  Drivers who are distracted, including those who are texting and driving, put motorcycle riders at extreme risk.  A wreck that might have been a simple fender bender between two cars could be life-threatening for a vulnerable motorcycle.

Even the best riders are at risk when on the road with distracted drivers.  There are a few things that motorcycle riders can do to protect themselves from getting into a wreck or help lessen the likelihood of serious injury if an accident happens:

  • Make eye contact whenever possible before crossing in front of any car
  • Stay away from drivers who fail to stay in their lanes (a telltale sign of distracted driving)
  • Use daytime running lights
  • Wear a helmet – helmets save an estimated 1800+ lives annually
  • Wear highly visible and/or reflective clothing

If you or someone you know has been injured on a motorcycle by a distracted driver, call the professionals at Smith Templeman Law Firm at (505) 433-1583.  The initial consultation is free.  Dealing with injuries after a serious motorcycle accident is tough enough — you don’t have to go at this alone.