Uninsured motorists are far too common on New Mexico roadways.  That’s why honest insurance salesmen and agents will offer their customers large amounts of uninsured (UM) coverage and encourage them to stack their UM policies to retain even more benefit.  People buying insurance and getting a good deal of UM coverage that is stacked are well protected when hurt by an uninsured motorist.

So here’s what happens when you are hit by an uninsured motorist:

  • Your insurance company should align its interests with yours and treat your interests as equal to its own.  That means they stand in the shoes of the defendant driver who doesn’t have insurance.  Your company should treat you fairly and give you compensation for your medical care, your future care, your missed work, and your pain and suffering.
  • Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always play nice in these types of situation, particularly with customers who aren’t represented by lawyers.
  • An experienced lawyer can work to recover the money you are due through your own insurance company and ensure the insurance company and its representatives act in good faith with your claim.
  • This is your insurance coverage!  You’ve been paying the premiums on it for years.  It’s time the insurance company plays fair and treats you the way you expect to be treated.
  • Your insurance company should give you full value for the damage caused to your vehicle.  They may even pay for diminished value, since wrecked cars never are worth quite the same even after they’re fixed.
  • And the insurance adjuster should treat you fairly in evaluating the compensation for your injuries.  The insurance company has an obligation to move quickly, and settle claims where liability is clear.  They cannot force you into expensive litigation in order

When you work with a lawyer, your lawyer will be on the front line dealing with your insurance company.  Some of the better insurance companies make this process go smoothly and take their obligation to treat your interests as equal to their own to heart.  Some others…..well, some fly-by-night insurance companies will attempt to save a buck at every turn, even to the detriment of long time clients.

At Smith Templeman we aggressively pursue maximum compensation in uninsured motorist accident situations.  We are very experienced with dealing with the insurers and specialize in understanding the good faith obligations your insurer has to you as well as the penalties for when those expectations are not met.

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