What about if the car who hit me doesn’t have insurance?

Uninsured motorists are far too common on New Mexico roadways.  That's why honest insurance salesmen and agents will offer their customers large amounts of uninsured (UM) coverage and encourage them to stack their UM policies to retain even more benefit.  People buying insurance and getting a good deal of UM coverage that is stacked are [...]

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That motorcycle came out of nowhere!

Motorcycles are smaller and more difficult for drivers to see on the roads here in Albuquerque and all over New Mexico.  That fact, combined with an increase in distracted driving (stemming primarily from a rise in smart phone use while driving), can make things very dangerous for New Mexico motorcyclists. The National Highway Traffic Safety [...]

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High winds, huge trucks

    High winds are a fact of life for those of us who live in New Mexico, particularly during the Spring months.  Wind gusts up to 40-50 mph or even more are not uncommon occurrences in our state.  Strong winds have the potential to damage property, kick up massive dust clouds, and increase the [...]

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Cars are getting safer but the streets are not

    Vehicles are safer than ever --- from advanced air bag technology to rear-end impact warning systems and sophisticated anti-lock braking systems, new vehicles are equipped with all sorts of safety features to help prevent crashes or lessen the likelihood of serious injury after a crash.  So if vehicles are safer than ever, why [...]

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